the housing crisis and community tourism

Nearly 60% of local people are priced out of the housing market in Gwynedd;

39% of houses sold in Gwynedd in 2017/18 were second homes;

6,849 or 10.77% of Gwynedd's housing stock is holiday homes or second homes compared to the Welsh average of 2.56%.

In Nantlle, Blaenau Ffestiniog and Dyffryn Ogwen, more homes are being turned into AirB & B




Retain housing stock locally

Develop locally owned community holiday businesses that will create community tourism work for local people

Use all proceeds towards a scheme to buy and renovate social housing.



A very successful meeting was held on the 16th of February to discuss the housing and tourism crisis, and to find out what people thought of the different plans offered by the Ogwen Partnership.

We will continue to discuss the right steps forward to deal with the crisis in a way that satisfies everyone in society.

Dolan is aware of how tourism benefits the wealth and beauty of our area and this is increasingly true of the housing stock of our communities that are being developed into AirB & B or re-homes.


This is the reality of communities across Wales and other areas across Britain. Our intention therefore is to challenge this bottom-up situation by looking at models of community ownership of holiday homes.


Do we in Bro Ffestiniog, Dyffryn Nantlle and Dyffryn Ogwen have the opportunity to buy holiday homes and run them as examples of good practice in terms of community tourism and keep all the profits for local reinvestment?

Communitisation of Holiday Homes - A Dolan Guide to help communities buy and develop holiday homes.


This guide summarises work that has taken place as part of Dolan’s research into Housing and Community Tourism. The report is based on research, consultation and consultation

with social enterprises and communities and community tourism businesses

within the Dolan catchment area and beyond. Based on the research, we have been investigating the model of purchasing two properties - one for local rental purposes and the other for the purpose of running it as a community holiday let enterprise with the latter subsidizing the first. We have also produced example community tourism packages.


The guide is intended to help communities

• identify a suitable building in their communities,

• know how to buy or sell a property in the community,

• finance the purchase through a community share or loan scheme,

• develop the initiative with community tourism principles underpinning the implementation - from the management and marketing to the day-to-day cleaning and administration,

• generate community profits that will be available for reinvestment in social housing stock in our communities.


The guiding principles are as follows -


• Tourism is part of the economy of the three Dolan areas but we believe the majority of the industry's benefit is drawn from our communities.

• Dolan wants to foster tourism industry that’s healthy for our communities and for the benefit of our communities, not at the expense of our communities.

• Dolan recognizes and opposes the problems of over-tourism and its negative impact on the communities, language and culture of our areas.

• Dolan supports campaigns for more legal regulation of the sector to ensure homes and communities are protected for generations to come.

• Everyone has the right to a home and that basic right is above any community venture to establish community holiday homes.

• Dolan also believes that communities need to benefit from the tourism industry and take ownership of elements of it to create community benefit.